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amazingly_me in office500

Title: Liner Notes
For: office500, Week #5: Mistake
Fandom: The Office
Pairing: Slight Jim/Pam
Rating: PG
Word Count: 509
Spoilers: through "The Job"
Summary: When he gets the notes back on the scenes he shot they're pretty typical. Typical anyway, until the end. The cameraman who shot Pam's last talking head in "The Job" gets feedback from his boss.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Please don't sue.

When he gets the notes back on the scenes he shot they're pretty typical: get more of the shoulder next time? swinging to far to the right on dwight's second talking head. more angela -- see if you can get her to talk about meredith. that should give you a ten minute rant you can splice between clips.. And while typical for shooting this show is really, really weird, he's getting used to it. But at the bottom, in big scrawl, are the words, FOLLOW UP to the Jim/Pam convo -- i need something from you there! what happened?!

He sighs and puts the notes back on the table and turns on the TV to watch the DVD that came with the notes, the vaguely low quality collection of the scenes he shot. There's Dwight telling Angela he's the new manager of the branch (he may never recover from shooting that scene -- his ears are still burning), there's Dwight painting the office black. And then there's the very end, the part where Pam is explaining that, hey, if Jim never comes back, that's okay. And it's sad, so sad, because she sounds so convincing unless you look her in the eyes.

And then the door opens and the camera swivels (he prides himself on that, on how fast he turned the camera) and Jim comes in. And though you can't see it on film, the cameraman thanks God, Buddha, and anything else that happens to be around at the moment that it is him in the room, right now, with a camera, capturing a scene that will make ratings spike in a decidedly upward direction, and perhaps tempt his salary to go the same way.

It's perfect -- just like a movie. A tiny bit of awkward, but mostly just that great chemistry, those secret, shy little smiles, that audiences across the country loved during the second season. God they're going to love this at the studio.

Jim leaves, and he can remember exactly what he was thinking (what should I ask next -- how do you follow that up? unexpected? know what you're going to wear? think anybody else heard that? something about Karen -- oh, something about Karen). Pam turns back to the camera, clearly fighting to keep her face from turning into one enormous smile.

"What was the question?" She asks, and this, of course, is when he makes his mistake. There is silence for a minute, in which Pam's smile spreads slowly but surely across her face, and he tries to decide what to ask first.

But Pam is being so adorable and understated, and it is possible, just possible that he has a tiny crush on Pam. In three years of time spent filming these people he's learned to read their signals -- quick glances, and tapping her fingers on her knee add up to when can I leave, when are you going to turn that damn thing off? -- she won't be any good for an interview right now anyway, he assures himself, and ignores the little voice in his head that is telling him someone is going to be furious with him about this.

He pauses the DVD and rewinds it, replays her smile, and decides he doesn't really care.


Aww, I really like this. The cameraman would definitely have a crush on Pam. How could anyone who was in the room with her after that scene not love her at least a little bit?
Wow, and I also just realized that this was posted over a year ago. LOL, sorry about that! Random comments ftw.