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The Office 500

The Office 500: A Weekly Fic Challenge Community
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+ A new challenge will be posted every Saturday. Feel free to post responses to past challenges whenever you'd like.

+ Word count can range from anywhere in between 100 and 1000 words -- or over, if inspiration strikes. The point is to write stuff! Don't stress over word limits. Really, the 500 in the community name is just there for decoration. 10,000+ word epics, however, might be a tiny bit excessive.

+ Fics can either be posted to the community or linked to your journal.

+ Fics should be put under a lj cut.

+ Be sure to include spoiler warnings for the most recent episode that's aired.

+ Tag each entry you post with "author: yourusername", "character: first name last name", and "challenge: #[insert number]"

So, for example, for me, it'd be, say--

author: dollsome, character: mose schrute, character: angela martin, character: stanley hudson, challenge: #1

That's it! Write on, m'nerds.